We told you we get the shot, no matter what..

We recently had the pleasure of shooting in the French Polynesia. One of the early items owe circled on our shortlist was "Close Up of Sharks Face". That stood out to us for a number of reasons.

Number 1, how do we remove the yellow tinge in the water once approached by a shark? 

Number 2, Why on earth would we do this?

We cured both questions by simply leaping into the water first thing in the morning on Shoot Day 1 of 12. Our initial thought was that our guides would lead up to the "shark bit" during the week but they opted for the full tilt boogie approach about 5 minutes after our morning coffee.

And we're super thankful they did as we captured some of our favourite footage to date with sharks, rays and some ultra friendly Humpback Whales.

Here's Nik being approached by a shark who took some interest in our underwater Go Pro rig.