The Art of The "Roller"

A clean and simple tracking shot of a car is always a staple of automotive cinematography. Achieving these shots at the local level requires some thought, gear and a whole lot of testing.

We’re currently testing out our new Car to Car Rig to ensure we capture as much dynamic range as possible on our local car videos so they can be viewed as if they are OEM or Corporate spots.

We’ve chosen to use a BMW M2 for it’s low stance, rapid acceleration and in our case, blacked out exterior. We’ve been filming some of our test runs and look forward to posting them soon!


We told you we get the shot, no matter what..

We recently had the pleasure of shooting in the French Polynesia. One of the early items owe circled on our shortlist was "Close Up of Sharks Face". That stood out to us for a number of reasons.

Number 1, how do we remove the yellow tinge in the water once approached by a shark? 

Number 2, Why on earth would we do this?

We cured both questions by simply leaping into the water first thing in the morning on Shoot Day 1 of 12. Our initial thought was that our guides would lead up to the "shark bit" during the week but they opted for the full tilt boogie approach about 5 minutes after our morning coffee.

And we're super thankful they did as we captured some of our favourite footage to date with sharks, rays and some ultra friendly Humpback Whales.

Here's Nik being approached by a shark who took some interest in our underwater Go Pro rig.




Ageless beauties on Vancouver island

The 2018 Motor Gathering held by the GAIN Group at the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit always delivers an incredible, eclectic variety of award winning cars gathered for a great cause.

This year was no exception. From exotics to classics and beyond, the Motor Gathering featured something for everyone. Most importantly, it featured a couple of local charities as beneficiaries in the David Foster Foundation and the Cowichan Valley and District Hospital.

We look forward to showing you the video but in the meantime, here is the 2016 event as shot by our crew.


Mo'orea of this please!

Shooting documentaries on the road is an arduous, tiring and ultimately immensely gratifying process. For every "Why didn't we bring that *&%^!$ dongle?" there's an equally enlightening "I can't believe we got that shot!"

This past 2 weeks, we have been shooting on the island of Mo'orea in the French Polynesia. This stunning island off Tahiti made us question whether or not we were shooting with our usual settings as the color saturation in real life has to be seen to be believed.

We will have more on this as we unpack (literally and figuratively) from this epic adventure. In the meantime, here's one of those shots.


Belvedere Lookout | Mo'orea

Belvedere Lookout | Mo'orea